Because the Roots Will Not Die

Tue, 2009-07-14 14:00

Nabeeha Lotfy
Li'an Al-Juzoor Lan Tamoot (Because the Roots Will Not Die)
1977. Black and White. 54'. Arabic

In this unique documentary, Nabeeha Lotfy follows the life of Palestinians before and during the long siege of the Tal el Zaatar camp, documenting this tragedy and later recording the powerful testimonies of the civilian women and children who took refuge in Damour.

Nabeeha Lotfy is a documentary director and film critic. She made over 25 documentaries on different subjects ranging from the social to the political and cultural. Among her works are: Hymn from Ancient Cairo, ST Catherine, Because the Roots Will Not Die and Children's Games. She has also made films about the role of women in development. Lotfy has participated in the foundation of a number of cinema groups and has become a member of their boards. She has written many film critiques and articles on cinema and culture in Egyptian and Arabic magazines. For many years now, she has had a steady column in Shashaty and Cinema magazines. Lately, she has been writing for Cahira, El Karama and Hawaa magazines.